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B Form: Horrible Histories: Home

May 2021



Your task:  You and your partner(s) will create a “Horrible Histories” sketch about a person or event of one of our ancient civilizations that we have studied.  



  • Choose a person or event from our ancient civilizations studies

  • Research that person or event

    • At least 2 additional sources not including our history text

    • Create a bibliography for the sources


  • Create a storyboard or plan for your sketch

  • Write your script

  • Film your project (Title & Bibliography included)



  • Tuesday, May 18-choose partner(s) and topic/ begin research

  • Tuesday, May 18-Thursday, May 27-Research & begin storyboard and script

  • Wednesday, June 2-complete storyboard & script

  • Wednesday, June 2 - Friday, June 4-Film and edit presentation

  • Monday, June 7 -present to class


Requirements & grading:

  • Notecards with facts about topic due Thursday, May 27 30%

  • Bibliography due Thursday, May 27 10%

  • Storyboard due Wednesday, June 2 20%

  • Script due  Wednesday, June 2 20%

  • Group work 10%

  • Presentation due Monday, June 7 10%


Due Date:  Monday, June 7


Citation Management

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