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B Form March Mammal Madness Research: Home

February 2024



- only type on your own slide

- keep your font black and the same style as Mr. Miller's, you may make the font smaller if necessary

- you need Mr. Miller or Mrs. Conlin's permission to move on to another animal


1. Open the MMM Document

2. Find your slide

3. Fill out your name.

3. Open NoodleTools MMM Project

4. Select a digital resource.

5. Search for your animal, keeping an eye out for the categories listed in the slideshow.

6. When you find a source that looks helpful cite it in NoodleTools before you do anything else.

7. Read the source and take notes in the slideshow.

8. Repeat steps 4, 5, 6, 7 as often as necessary.

9. When all of your notes are complete, export the bibliography from NoodleTools and paste it into the notes section of the Slides document. 




Source Management